Builders Risk Insurance

This policy is designed to cover buildings under construction for property damage risks including theft of building materials. The policy can be written annually per house or on a reporting form basis at a monthly or annual rate. Residential, commercial, and remodeling contractors are eligible for coverage.

Builders Risk Insurance coverage is provided for materials, supplies, equipment, and fixtures designed to be a permanent part of the fabrication, erection, installation, alteration, or completion of the project while at the project site, as well as in transit, or at any temporary location.  Several optional coverages are available, please ask us questions to tailor the product to your needs.

Builders Risk Insurance Optional Coverages:

  • Purchase Under Contract Policy.
  • Model Home Policy including Contents.
  • Trade-In and Unsold Dwelling Policy.
  • Tenant Occupied Dwelling Policy.
  • Temporary structures, such as office trailers, tool trailers and fences at project site.
  • Construction forms and scaffolding/$15,000 limit per occurrence
  • Soft Costs.
  • Business Income (including Rental Income) and Extra Expense.
  • Earth Movement.
  • Ordinance or Law (Increased Cost of Construction; Demolition Costs; Undamaged Portion of Building).
  • Reporting Form Options.
  • Deductible Options.