We can provide insurance protection for both personal and business use aircraft as well as airports and flight schools.  The aviation insurance policies may include liability protection, hull damage, medical payments and non-owned aircraft for your leasing needs. If you’ve purchased in-flight hull coverage, we pay to retrieve your aircraft after an off-airport landing, even if your aircraft isn’t damaged.

Many aircraft owners do not bother to read their insurance policies until after a loss has occurred.  Misunderstandings occur in all lines of insurance; however, there is no coverage more misunderstood than aviation insurance.  It is definitely a different animal.  The good news is that most aviation policies are written in layman’s terms, or “plain talk” and are much easier to understand than other types of policies.  We highly recommend that you dig out your policy, read it and call us with questions. Common aviation exclusions include: territories outside of the continental U.S., mechanics are not covered for test flights, umbrella policies often “do not apply to any liability arising out of aircraft”, pilot impairment due to drugs and alcohol, defense costs are often within liability limits, employee injuries must be covered by work comp (make sure you add the pilot code and territory to your policy).