Mackenzie Rowe
Mackenzie Rowe
Sandra was helpful and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend working with her!
Kraig Kimbrel
Kraig Kimbrel
I have worked with these people since 2001 Awesome service and highly concerned with customer needs. They've been doing work in this area for a very long time.... Well Trusted by the Commercial Industrial Trades....
Peggy was amazing!!! Very responsive and answered all my questions! Peggy and the entire team at Widener exhibit the highest professional standards and customer service. What I love the most, they are fast to respond and they are local! If I ever need anything, I can call, email, or walk in the office and I always know my agent by face and name.
Jessica Runion
Jessica Runion
Tiffiney has always gone above and beyond in taking care of the needs of our business. Frequent requests are just part of our industry and she is quick to complete what we need without fail. I couldn't recommend her and Widener Insurance enough.
Lisa Jenkins
Lisa Jenkins
My husband and I use Widener for all of our insurance needs. They are always so helpful and knowledgeable whenever we have questions. We have used them for 10 years. Sheila Hobbs has taken care of us with every one of our cars needs and we would highly recommend them!
blair jones
blair jones
Melissa Odom has always taken great care of me and all my insurance needs!!!
Cindy light
Cindy light
Called at 5 minutes until 5:00 on a Friday afternoon. I received what I needed within 10 minutes. Very courteous on the phone. Rare to get this kind of service any day but especially on a sunny Friday afternoon in the summer. Thanks Amber!
Meghan Snead Shaffer
Meghan Snead Shaffer
Amber was extremely helpful and efficient. Thank you!
Drew Carter
Drew Carter
Called in today, Angie helped me with everything I needed to know! Great service.

You have the best customer service I have ever encountered, and your rates are very competitive.

- Elisa P.

Your support of a recent claim was good. Overall, great customer service.

- Stephen M.

Everyone is so friendly and helpful! I always feel like my business is important.

- Hugh S.

You’re always there for me. I never have to wait long if I call. Congratulations for being voted Best of the Best in so many categories in the Johnson City Press. It’s a well-deserved honor.
- James E.

Widener Agency has always been responsive and has provided excellent service during the 16 years that we have been customers . During this period, we have insured 14 Real properties and 4 vehicles with Widener and any claims have been handled professionally.
- Fairly R.

You guys were very courteous and very responsive and very professional!

- Steven S.

We love Widener insurance. They're always friendly and fast, whenever we need a policy changed they're right on top of it.

- David B.

I love the fact that your service is personal, not just automated. I love to be able to talk to a person.

- Rick C.

Lucy has worked with us to meet our insurance needs. She's been prompt in responding to our questions and needs. She's courteous and acts like she appreciates our business.
- James P.

We had two claims recently. Your staff were very helpful in completing the paperwork, especially Michelle. The claims adjuster Bryan Davis was fantastic and we received a great payment in the first case and ae waiting in the second case. Just great, timely service from your office and from Auto Owners.
- Selman W.

Excellent service! I feel valued as a customer.

- George M.

We have always had friendly professional help. we have been very happy with the service provided.
- Ted H.

Angie is amazing she helped me get everything I needed fast. Now I start my business work Monday. Thanks to Mrs. Angie she made everything so easy.
- Joshua B.

The people here are very friendly and respond to customers’ needs very promptly and courteously.
- David T.

If your looking for a insurance company that truly is there to help you then you should switch to widener insurance agency now, they made my horrible experience from a home burglary and helped me through it all, and best thing is they did the shopping to replace my things......... i didn't have to stress and spend the time doing it myself after such a troubling time, ill never look elsewhere for insurance again
- Michael P.

My name is Belinda Taylor and I am employed with The Whitson Company, DBA Power Tool Company. Our company has done business with Widener Insurance Agency for several years. We would highly recommend Widener for any and all of your insurance needs. Any time we have a need whether it be Auto, Business Owners or Workman’s Compensation they have very knowledgeable and pleasant employees to help with our problems. We never go 24 hours without an answer and/or solution to our questions.
- Belinda T.

I think the products and service at Widener is way above and beyond the best I have experienced, even to the point I recommend them to my own family. In my first experience with Widener, they gave me very good professional help and almost immediately saved me ten thousand dollars. I have since asked them to quote all of my insurance needs and have always been very happy with the results. I know everything is not always based on best price, but service in a time of need has great value. I have never called for anything that I did not get anything but great same day service. Widener has a large range of products, is always professional, service oriented and are friendly folks with high integrity. I would recommend them to anyone for any insurance needs, big or small.
- Larry M., CEO of Industrial Electronics Services, Inc. Gray, Tn.

I had just begun a long trip at 12:30pm on Friday several weeks ago, when only 20 minutes from home, my car hydroplaned, went into the median and collided with the median cable protection system which prevented me from entering the oncoming traffic on I-26. My car was tot. I called 911 first, then called the Widener Insurance Agency to report the accident. While the public safety officers were assisting me to get the car towed, the insurance company had already started working. After assuring them I was not hurt, and having called a friend to pick me up at the impound lot, we removed my belongings from my car, and headed toward my home. Before we got very far, the insurance contact person had already secured a rental car for me – just three hours after the accident! Early Tuesday afternoon, I received a call from the insurance company with the assessor’s financial payoff on my totaled car. I was pleased with their quick work and generous payout, so I went car shopping that afternoon. Imagine, from Friday noon to Tuesday evening, and I had found a suitable car as replacement! The car dealer let me take the car home that night, the check arrived in Thursday’s mail, and the deal was completed! All the while, Sheila at Widener Insurance provided assurance during the reporting process as well as insurance advice for my new car. I am grateful to her for their prompt and efficient service.
- Joanne

Widener Insurance helps our company manage over 200 properties with different requirements along with all our corporate and employee insurance needs. I always receive prompt and courteous service whatever my insurance needs may be for the day!
- Kim C., Director of Finance, Eastern Eight Community Development Corporation

Cindy and her team are our go to resource for any and all of our insurance needs. Our needs are unique as we have employees in many different states and work with companies all over the world. Whether it be company health insurance plans, professional liability policies or anything in between, Cindy and her crew can handle it. I appreciate being able to pick up the phone and get personal local service whenever I need it.
- Terrance T, CFO, Smarty Pants

Amazing customer service. You truly care and go out of your way to make sure the customers needs are taken care of, no matter who it is. You treat everyone the same and like we are a part of your family! Love doing business with y’all!!
- Haley L., customer since 2008

Cindy, Peggy, Kelly, Sandra, and all of the rest of the staff at Widener Insurance make things so easy! From making sure we have the best coverage to frequently running cost analyses on our accounts, they provide the absolute finest customer service available. I highly recommend Widener Insurance for all insurance needs.
- Laura S., customer since 2004

As part of her ongoing phenomenal service , Lucy Adams responded on Monday morning within 30 minutes to my email request for information and clarification about my current homeowners policy coverages Her explanations were thorough and reassuring Having a professional insurance agent that's always so reliably responsive means a lot to me I thoroughly encourage anyone who's looking for an excellent Insurance Agency to consider Widener and benefit from the services of Lucy Adams and Sheila Hobbs.
- Derek B., customer since 2019

Lucy Adams was very helpful...very professional and responded to my questions and provided all the information we needed to choose a policy. She always returned my calls. I checked with 4 other companies for quotes, etc and although 3 quotes were comparable, I felt I received the best customer service from Lucy and that gave me confidence that Lucy and Widener Insurance would be there for me if needed.
- Walter, customer since 2020

I am a small business owner in the area and use Widener insurance for all my insurance needs both personal and business. They are very knowledgeable and offer outstanding service. I look to them for advice on insurance issues for my company and feel they are part of my team. I would highly recommend them for all types of insurance needs. As an independent agent, they can offer the best companies for the best values.
- Kathy M., customer since 2008

We have been with Widener Insurance Agency since 1982, when we moved here from Michigan. We have never had to shop around for better rates because we always felt we were getting the best rates available for us. The agency has periodically shopped for us and contacted us to say, "we have found a better rate and are switching you to _____ insurance company".
- Richard P., customer since 2008

I had a home breaking in while I was at work and they stole alot of items, some irreplaceable that were worth more to me than money and some stuff that really didn't make sense to me.......like food, I mean who steals food when you break into a house, but as bad as that was you guys took such great care of me, not only did they pay for my claim THEY DID MY SHOPPING FOR ME, yes you read that right, all I had to do was turn in my claim answer a few questions and the lady ( I can't remember her name but was great ) did all my shopping for me, my stuff arrived promptly and in great shape, I have to say that Widener took great care of me in a very trying time, I wouldn't dream of every leaving your agency, I'm 56 years old and I can't remember the last time an insurance company actually took the time to really care and their actions speak volumes of what caring people Widener insurance is,. I would urge anyone to at least check them out, the coverage is a great price but the customer care is priceless. Thanks for a job well done and hopefully I won't have to be victimized again but God forbid I do I haven't got a worry in the world...............sicce know your by my side Thanks Michael
- Michael P., customer since 2016

My father often would tell me that trust is not something that is given, it must be earned. Day by day, year by year, trust is earned by consistent, accurate and loyal behavior. Concern for the others well-being is vital to understanding trust. When I was 16 and starting to drive, my father took me to talk with Jim Widener, that I might get insurance. Why not? He had home, car, and business insurance with Mr. Widener for many years and he trusted them. I had delivered dad's payments to their office many times. They were always nice when I dealt with them and treated me well. I remember Mr Widener calling me into his office to talk and explaining the intricacies of insurance. As I matured, my needs became more complicated. I needed more insurance... car, home, even business insurance. Widener's was always there for me, as they had been for my father. They were fair, honest, and when they saw where my coverage was lacking, they made valuable suggestions that kept me sheltered and many times saved me money. And when I had problems, either with a claim or managing paperwork, they were there to help me and guide me through a process. They have always looked after my best interest and honored the trust that they earned from my father and myself.
- Gary P., customer since 1985

We are always treated with the upmost respect and importance, no matter what question(s) or concern we may have. All staff have been real helpful in returning phones calls, making changes to policies and assisting in the claims process. A-1 SERVICE!
- Chuck B., customer since 2013

I usually only deal with one person, but she is always more than helpful. She has called me with updates and lower price quotes for my policy. I have never had a bad experience with either insurance provider that I've had in the last 12 years when I had to file a claim. I know that referring another person that they would get great customer service and a competitive rate.
- Lori P., customer since 2005

We have been dealing with Widener Insurance for over 23 years and I am most impressed with the level of service and attention that they provide to their clients. Any insurance issue I have ever had has been attended to quickly and thoroughly every time. They have also continued to search new companies and plans to save me money over the years. A very professional company and I highly recommended them.
- Mark M., customer since 2009

We always get a timely and helpful response to any questions or concerns we have regarding any aspect of our policies with Widener. Their level of service usually goes above and beyond our expectations. They have a very friendly and extremely competent staff. Very happy to have them handling our insurance needs.
- Jeffrey S., customer since 2015

Widener Insurance always finds us the best insurance for all our needs at the best price. They have gone above and above to help when we have filed claims. Professional and friendly service!! Carla Kidd
- Carla K., customer since 2010

You have always been very helpful to us in our time of emergencies. You take care of the paperwork (much appreciated) and all the details for us. We really do appreciate Lucy and the whole crew at Widener Insurance!
- Leah T., customer since 2013

I was impressed with how you took your time and dug into every aspect of my business looking for the actual details and truths of my day to day operation. You did not assume it operated the same has every other business. You ensured we had all the correct coverage, and then took the time to explain your recommendations so I could make a good decisions for my business.
- Thumper's ., customer since 2019

Very efficient and friendly service, Thanks
-Emmett B., customer since 2021

Widener insurance treats us like friends instead of numbers. They are attentive to our concerns and needs. They always deliver THE BEST customer service.
- Jerry M., customer since 2009

Personal attention and attention to details. Pleasant atmosphere. Always ready to help.
-Bill W., Customer since 2014

We have been with Widener insurance for almost 29 years and they have always been easy to deal with and helped out when we needed it the most!
-Bobby O., customer since 2012

At any time I have called I receive an answer or you always get back to me in a timely fashion. All of you are pleasant and very helpful.
-Christine B., customer since 2013

This is the best insurance agency that I have ever worked with. Everyone is always willing to help and they always have a pleasant attitude.
-Barbara B., customer since 2016

Very happy with your service and especially the cost!
-Jerry P., customer since 2017

Thank you for your wonderful team and for taking care of me. Your patience and fast response was much appreciated. A special thank you to your General Contractor, Donny
-Tina L., Customer since 2018