My name is Belinda Taylor and I am employed with The Whitson Company, DBA Power Tool Company. Our company has done business with Widener Insurance Agency for several years. Wewould highly recommend Widener for any and all of your insurance needs. Any time we have a need whether it be Auto, Business Owners or Workman’s Compensation they have very knowledgeable and pleasant employees to help with our problems. We never go 24 hours without an answer and/or solution to our questions.
-Belinda Taylor

I think the products and service at Widener is way above and beyond the best I have experienced, even to the point I recommend them to my own family. In my first experience with Widener, they gave me very good professional help and almost immediately saved me ten thousand dollars. I have since asked them to quote all of my insurance needs and have always been very happy with the results. I know everything is not always based on best price, but service in a time of need has great value. I have never called for anything that I did not get anything but great same day service. Widener has a large range of products, is always professional, service oriented and are friendly folks with high integrity. I would recommend them to anyone for any insurance needs, big or small.
-Larry Mullins, CEO of Industrial Electronics Services, Inc. Gray, Tn.

I had just begun a long trip at 12:30pm on Friday several weeks ago, when only 20 minutes from home, my car hydroplaned, went into the median and collided with the median cable protection system which prevented me from entering the oncoming traffic on I-26. My car was tot. I called 911 first, then called the Widener Insurance Agency to report the accident. While the public safety officers were assisting me to get the car towed, the insurance company had already started working. After assuring them I was not hurt, and having called a friend to pick me up at the impound lot, we removed my belongings from my car, and headed toward my home. Before we got very far, the insurance contact person had already secured a rental car for me – just three hours after the accident! Early Tuesday afternoon, I received a call from the insurance company with the assessor’s financial payoff on my totaled car. I was pleased with their quick work and generous payout, so I went car shopping that afternoon. Imagine, from Friday noon to Tuesday evening, and I had found a suitable car as replacement! The car dealer let me take the car home that night, the check arrived in Thursday’s mail, and the deal was completed! All the while, Sheila at Widener Insurance provided assurance during the reporting process as well as insurance advice for my new car. I am grateful to her for their prompt and efficient service.

Widener Insurance helps our company manage over 200 properties with different requirements along with all our corporate and employee insurance needs. I always receive prompt and courteous service whatever my insurance needs may be for the day!
-Kim Carmichel, Director of Finance, Eastern Eight Community Development Corporation

Cindy and her team are our go to resource for any and all of our insurance needs. Our needs are unique as we have employees in many different states and work with companies all over the world. Whether it be company health insurance plans, professional liability policies or anything in between, Cindy and her crew can handle it. I appreciate being able to pick up the phone and get personal local service whenever I need it.
-Terrance Kennedy Tyree, CFO, Smarty Pants

Amazing customer service. You truly care and go out of your way to make sure the customers needs are taken care of, no matter who it is. You treat everyone the same and like we are a part of your family! Love doing business with y’all!!
-Haley L., customer since 2008

Good folks. Excellent value.
-Greg K., customer since 2017

Your people are awesome! It’s not always about price which y’all have been great keeping them down. When you have no doubt your needs will be met it’s a great feeling.
-Henry W., customer since 2013

Widener's offers real-time face-to-face communication that is problem solving oriented. Great bunch of people
-Gary P., customer since 1985

I've always felt Widener had my best interest at heart. They take the time to address all my insurance needs personally. They make me feel welcomed when I stop by their office and have offered numerous times to visit my office for my convenience. All in all the Widener staff makes you feel like you're the most important client they have.
-Phil L., customer since 2016

I like I can walk in anytime and get something done. try that on the phone nowadays! I like seeing the people I do business with. I like keeping my business and my money local. Lucy Adams is always there for me!
-Michael V., customer since 2014

I like to support local business & appreciate Widener’s prompt attention to my needs.
-Norma A., customer since 2012

I like the one on one approach when dealing with my insurance. Even though it's technically a third person type thing, I have one particular person I deal with and is familiar with my policy. The office is always nice when I call and are more than willing to help me when I need to fax things. They have a great personal feeling when you walk through the door.
-Chris M., customer since 2005