Benefits for Employees High Value /Low Cost


We often hear employers ask what benefits they could provide that are low cost or even free that employees would value other than health insurance.  We highly recommend work site life insurance.  Work site life insurance is written as a guaranteed issue life insurance policy regardless of health conditions or weight problems for your staff, their spouse and children.

Keep in mind this is payroll deducted to make it easy on the employee to pay in smaller increments.  The employer can contribute if they want, but they do not have to do so.  We can include product choices such as term insurance, the least expensive product available, return of premium term which is like a savings account with the insurance included, as well as a permanent life policy such as whole or universal life.

In order for your company to qualify you need to have 15 employees who work 20 hours or more.  They do not have to all enroll, just be employed.  Statistics show that 42% of Americans have no life insurance!  The most common reasons are they haven’t been approached or asked or the have pre-existing conditions that disqualify them from obtaining coverage.  That’s the beauty of the work site life product it is guaranteed issue, no chance of a declination.  You care about your employees and their families and this is one more way to show them.  Ask us today and we can prepare group options to present.


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